The magazine MM Maschinenmarkt reports in the issue 1/2017 about the use of business intelligence software in the company of the standards manufacturer Meusburger at the headquarters in Wolfurt (Austria). Intelligent analysis software at Meusburger takes over the automated collection, transmission and provision of relevant company data. Business intelligence software thus facilitates the internal knowledge management.

At Meusburger counts besides the classic production factors, labour, capital and soil also knowledge management. This knowledge encompassing various topics is systematically collected, distributed, further developed and secured. This means that all employees in the company can be provided with the information they need to successfully manage tasks. For this purpose, people are linked with organization and technology. Key figures, analysis and reports are generated automatically from the ERP, MES and CRM systems of the company via business intelligence systems.

Personalized dashboards
Employees from all departments can access all data relevant to them without prior knowledge of self-service procedures. This information is flexibly analysed and manifold visualized.

Project realization by Qlik partner ppmc ag
At Meusburger, the data discovery solution from QlikView is in use. The BI project was implemented by the Qlik partner ppmc ag. The specialist supervised a professional project realization from the creation of the data model through implementation and application development up to user training.

The times of manual data collection are over
Within a few weeks, a first application was used productively for sales. Analysis of sales and revenue were mapped according to criteria such as region, customer and article including previous year comparisons as well as success measurements of new product actions.

Evaluation of machine data
QlikView is also used in other departments of Meusburger, for example for the evaluation of machine data. In the case of power deviations, the management level can be entered and drilled down to every individual machine. In addition, the BI solution is able to map complex production numbers around topics such as occupancy times, availability, effectiveness and quality rate.

Use in human resources as well as in IT
The personnel department analysis and consolidates QlikView working hours and also the IT benefits from the BI solution.

Qlik Nprinting to provide reports
Centrally generated key figures and analysis as well as weekly reports are provided via Qlik Npriniting. The tool allows easy and quick drag & drop visually appealing QlikView reports and their provision or distribution as PDF or as HTML file.

With the tool as well as the partner ppmc ag, Meusburger sees itself perfectly equipped for the future and will in the future implement existing and new applications for business areas with Qlik solutions.

About Meusburger
The company was founded in 1964 as a one-man business by Georg Meusburger. Today, Meusburger is regarded as a market leader in high-precision mold bases. In addition to its headquarters, the company has sales offices in Turkey, China, USA, Mexico and India and employs more than 1000 people.