At the beginning of 2017, the newspaper “Metall” published a report of business intelligence using the example of two well-known companies in the metal sector. One of them is the family-owned company Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG, headquartered in Wolfurt (Vorarlberg). Meusburger is a specialist in high-precision norms with more than 1000 employees. At Meusburger, self-service BI with QlikView is used. The project was implemented and supervised by certified Qlik Solution Provider ppmc ag.

Around 80,000 different articles from the workshop supplies are delivered to far beyond 15,000 customers all over the world. Qlik’s BI solution now allows data to be aggregated to individual machine groups and in turn to departments and high-level areas. Performance deviations are instantly recognizable and do not have to be verified in a time-consuming manner in Excel for each machine as before.

Conclusion: Despite the increasing flood of data, it is possible with Business Intelligence to recognize connections to make correct decisions promptly.