Violations of working hours and related penalties are a current issue for many employers who are responsible for compliance with working time regulations. Infringements of the maximum working hours are punishable and are subject to more and more control by the authorities and sanctioned with very high fines. To ensure that this does not happen at all, ppmc ag offers the ideal solution or addition to your time management system with the new Business Intelligence Tool ppmc|spot|staff. Time-consuming, working time analyses and reports are a thing of the past with ppmc|spot|staff. Within seconds, and in any location, the user can quickly and instantly recognize all the questions pertaining to human resource management, including the need to make quick decisions and act quickly.

Advantages at a glance

  • Combine all data via interfaces from your programs
  • Visual and meaningful presentation of ad-hoc analysis
  • Fast implementation of the program, very easy in the application
  • Application of the program is possible via any browser
  • Access to current data and data archive
  • Generate and distribute reports in different file formats