The Business Intelligence world of Qlik keeps moving and constantly inspires by virtue of its technical innovations. In order to present these possibilities, the software company Qlik availed itself of opportunity to reach further clients at the Consulting Days from 20 to 21 June 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The participants experienced two exciting days of events and discovered the new products for 2018, which Qlik offers with its Data Analytics Platform and the patented Qlik Associative Engine. The current release simplifies the creation of suitable visualizations, given the analysis of the data already during the loading process, and recommendations are accordingly made to the user in the course of appropriate visualizations, as based on the content and the field names. Qlik has now become even stronger with the multi-cloud function, and it thus takes the decisive step in a multi-cloud analysis solution.

In addition to these functions and innovations, there were also other interesting lectures on innovative Business Intelligence opportunities at the Consulting Days. Moreover, Qlik partners took the stage and presented the possibility of planning in Qlik-based applications as well as editing data. Among them was a further nice-to-have with a view to the future, namely a voice search, which will provide users with a substantial work relief.

As Qlik Solution Provider, we participated with great interest in this event and are pleased to offer our customers added value for their data analysis.