Self-service visualization - without programming skills









Qlik Sense® – data visualization app that anyone can use


Explore simple and complex data to find the hidden data relationships you didn’t know you could find.

Self-service-visualization and -discovery

Use simple drag-and-drop interfaces to create flexible, interactive data visualizations.

  • Explore data with smart visualizations that automatically adapts to the parameters you set
  • Qlik sense will be installed on the PC- or Server or as cloudcomputing services

Qlik Sense® Enterprise


Now anyone in your company can easily create personalized reports and dynamic dashboards, explore vast amounts of data and find meaningful insights. Anytime, anywhere..


  • Manageability: Features flexible license allocation, usage monitoring and an easy-to-use interface that saves time and simplifies troubleshooting.
  • Security: Implement enterprise-level security requirements with a flexible security-rules engine, granular control for progressive development, plus powerful auditing and logging.
  • Scalability: Enable virtualization, elastic scaling and geographically disperse clustering for global deployments.
  • Shared Object Library: Pre-defined dimensions, measures and visualizations ensure consistency of data and analytics.
  • Governed Creation: Grant users additional access to create their own visualizations, measures and data models as their skill level increases.
  • Managed Data Connections: Ensure all applications use commonly defined data sources, with access controlled by security rules.
  • Modern, Open APIs: Build fully integrated guided analytics applications for the web using mashups, extensions and engine APIs.

Qlik Sense® Cloud

Create and share your fully interactive Qlik Sense apps with your team an collaborate with confidence. Rest assured your data is secure and only accessible by authorized users. Data in Qlik Sense Cloud is encrypted in flight and secured at rest.

Get started with Qlik Sense Cloud Basic for free or with Qlik Sense Cloud Plus for single user or Qlik Sense Business for groups and teams.

Qlik Sense® Cloud Business – for groups and teams


  • Group-level governance
  • Coauthoring workspace
  • Automated data refreshes


Qlik Sense® Cloud Plus – for individuals


  • Unlimited sharing
  • Greater app size and storage
  • Access to Qlik DataMarket Essentials® Free
  • Small monthly payment

Qlik Sense® Cloud Basic – Getting started for free


  • dataFully interactive apps
  • Sharing with up to 5 users
  • Access to Qlik DataMarket Free


Qlik Sense® Desktop


Create personalized, interactive data visualizations, reports and dashboards with Qlik Sense® Desktop. Drag-and-drop makes integrating data from multiple sources easy. Use this free Windows® application to discover more insights in your data in just five minutes.




  • Smart visualizations: Convey the meaning in your data with innovative, fully interactive and responsive smart visualizations
  • Reveal hidden insights: Explore in any direction. Find the hidden insights that hierarchical and query-based tools can’t see.
  • Smart Search: Get ultimate flexibility. Simply type search strings to uncover matching information and reveal data relationships across your entire data set.
  • Explore multiple data sources: Connect and view data from multiple sources for a more comprehensive view.
  • Rich data storytelling: Collaborate and share analysis insights visually. Better communicate your findings to your team. Move directly between stories and live analysis to answer questions and speed up decision making.


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