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Write! Edit – Direct live data editing in Qlik® applications


Complex information can be retrieved and analyzed at a glance with the help of Qlik. In addition to visualization, data can be processed directly in the user interface, which is often important for users. Despite the great flexibility that BI solutions provide for adaptation, there is usually no option to edit the data in the dashboard afterwards. With this editing and planning extension, users can now edit their data directly in QlikView or Qlik Sense.

Write! Edit

With Write! Edit, the BI tools QlikView and Qlik Sense have been extended to include the possibility to directly display data in the interface and to create or edit it. This enhances the functionality of the BI solution and improves the data quality significantly. This makes external tools, like Excel, to fulfill these requirements redundant.

Write! Edit allows

  • Edit data live in the user interface
  • Create new data in Qlik
  • Write data back to file or database as desired
  • Edit from mobile devices
  • Free selection of input masks/entry fields, e.g.: free text fields, check boxes, dropdown fields

Advantages at a glance

  • Processing data directly in the Qlik surface
  • Creating new data records
  • Fast and easy data entry
  • Automatically write back to databases – if required, also into the original database
  • Available for QlikView and Qlik Sense
  • Full integration through the development of native Qlik API‘s
  • Exchanges between different departments are encouraged
  • Version control
  • AD connection
  • Security and Governance
  • No external tool like Excel required
  • Manual collection of planned data is no longer necessary
  • No double master data storage or data maintenance
  • No extra license costs for an external planning
  • Tool low costs

Possible applications

  • Cost and sales planning
  • Budget planning
  • CRM extension
  • Project planning
  • Marketing controlling

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