Fast data analysis for offset printing

Fast data analysis for offset printing

IT-Zoom, the specialist magazine for business solutions, IT technologies and applications, reports on the use of business intelligence software in offset printing in Schwarzach (AT) in the December issue 2016.

The Schwarzach offset printing company specializes in the production and finishing of fine-grained cartons and labels. To evaluate production data, an olap-based solution has been used so far, which, however, no longer met the company’s increased requirements regarding processing speed and user convenience.
“On the one hand, the process was cumbersome,” explains Arno Amann from Controlling and Project Management at Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach GmbH. “On the other hand, the data access to the live systems took a long time.”
The printing company was therefore looking for a powerful BI solution, which allows data from all required source systems to be retrieved and linked in an automated manner. This includes the ERP system Proalpha, its own operating data acquisition system and a bearing control system for the high-rack warehouse. When searching for the right solution, the printing company received the to recommendation to take a look at the software QlikView of the provider Qlik more closely. “We have seen them in operation at a company in our region and were quickly sure that the solution is right for us.” The uncomplicated linkability of different data sources as well as the creation and adaptation of analysis have convinced us. The storage-based technology of the BI solution allows the consolidation of relevant data from different sources in one application. The BI project placed the printing company in the hands of ppmc ag. The IT service provider is a certified QlikView provider and has already carried out numerous projects in the Vorarlberg region. The proximity of the provider is also appreciated. “I had the opportunity to look over the shoulder of the expert and learn how to use the new BI software. Today, I make 90% self-sufficient customization or customization of applications. The service provider supports me with very complex requirements “, says Amann. Within four weeks the implementation of the new solution, the creation of the data model and the provision of a first analysis application were carried out.

Numerous application areas
In the meantime, four applications have been put into productive use by ten employees in the production, sales, purchasing, logistics, finance and controlling divisions. To control production, key figures such as throughput, efficiency, reject rate and quality rate are generated and analysed. Sales and sales analysis are available on sales platforms according to criteria such as “representatives” or “customers”. A further application includes evaluations of the inventories according to turnover frequency, number of parking spaces, delivery delay, delivery reliability, etc. Within the framework of cost accounting, the BI software is used for analysis of operating document and cost carrier forms. “Every 15 minutes I get an overview of the most important performance indicators, incoming orders, order balances, stock and revenues. This keeps me quickly updated at the current status” says Amann.

Every month, inventory analysis and production numbers are communicated to management in all reporting departments, as well as ad-hoc evaluations on special topics such as risk assessments and in-depth analysis. The offset printing company is benefiting from the faster data provision, as Amann confirms: “In the past, our inventory analysis took two hours before we had a result. With the new software, the current data is loaded overnight, the next day the information is available by click. “In addition, data from any system can be evaluated in one platform. Furthermore, the drill-down / drill-through functionalities can be analysed in more detail. In the next project steps, the existing applications will be expanded further. In addition, a complete management dashboard is planned, which includes the most important figures as well as the last two years for comparison purposes.

Business area: Approximately 25,000 tonnes of carton and paper are processed per year on the company’s seven printing presses
Company’s export share: 70%
Foundation: 1913
Location: Schwarzach / Austria
Employees: 335

When knowledge comes automatically

When knowledge comes automatically

The magazine MM Maschinenmarkt reports in the issue 1/2017 about the use of business intelligence software in the company of the standards manufacturer Meusburger at the headquarters in Wolfurt (Austria). Intelligent analysis software at Meusburger takes over the automated collection, transmission and provision of relevant company data. Business intelligence software thus facilitates the internal knowledge management.

At Meusburger counts besides the classic production factors, labour, capital and soil also knowledge management. This knowledge encompassing various topics is systematically collected, distributed, further developed and secured. This means that all employees in the company can be provided with the information they need to successfully manage tasks. For this purpose, people are linked with organization and technology. Key figures, analysis and reports are generated automatically from the ERP, MES and CRM systems of the company via business intelligence systems.

Personalized dashboards
Employees from all departments can access all data relevant to them without prior knowledge of self-service procedures. This information is flexibly analysed and manifold visualized.

Project realization by Qlik partner ppmc ag
At Meusburger, the data discovery solution from QlikView is in use. The BI project was implemented by the Qlik partner ppmc ag. The specialist supervised a professional project realization from the creation of the data model through implementation and application development up to user training.

The times of manual data collection are over
Within a few weeks, a first application was used productively for sales. Analysis of sales and revenue were mapped according to criteria such as region, customer and article including previous year comparisons as well as success measurements of new product actions.

Evaluation of machine data
QlikView is also used in other departments of Meusburger, for example for the evaluation of machine data. In the case of power deviations, the management level can be entered and drilled down to every individual machine. In addition, the BI solution is able to map complex production numbers around topics such as occupancy times, availability, effectiveness and quality rate.

Use in human resources as well as in IT
The personnel department analysis and consolidates QlikView working hours and also the IT benefits from the BI solution.

Qlik Nprinting to provide reports
Centrally generated key figures and analysis as well as weekly reports are provided via Qlik Npriniting. The tool allows easy and quick drag & drop visually appealing QlikView reports and their provision or distribution as PDF or as HTML file.

With the tool as well as the partner ppmc ag, Meusburger sees itself perfectly equipped for the future and will in the future implement existing and new applications for business areas with Qlik solutions.

About Meusburger
The company was founded in 1964 as a one-man business by Georg Meusburger. Today, Meusburger is regarded as a market leader in high-precision mold bases. In addition to its headquarters, the company has sales offices in Turkey, China, USA, Mexico and India and employs more than 1000 people.

The potential of data

The potential of data

At the beginning of 2017, the newspaper “Metall” published a report of business intelligence using the example of two well-known companies in the metal sector. One of them is the family-owned company Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG, headquartered in Wolfurt (Vorarlberg). Meusburger is a specialist in high-precision norms with more than 1000 employees. At Meusburger, self-service BI with QlikView is used. The project was implemented and supervised by certified Qlik Solution Provider ppmc ag.

Around 80,000 different articles from the workshop supplies are delivered to far beyond 15,000 customers all over the world. Qlik’s BI solution now allows data to be aggregated to individual machine groups and in turn to departments and high-level areas. Performance deviations are instantly recognizable and do not have to be verified in a time-consuming manner in Excel for each machine as before.

Conclusion: Despite the increasing flood of data, it is possible with Business Intelligence to recognize connections to make correct decisions promptly.

Plastverarbeiter-Portal reports about qlik-projects of plaston ag

Plastverarbeiter-Portal reports about qlik-projects of plaston ag

In the September issue, the Plastverarbeiter is currently reporting on business intelligence software in plastics processing. An example of a successful implementation is a Qlik-based solution, which was implemented by the certified Qlik Solution Provider ppmc ag for Plaston AG. To meet its own quality and efficiency requirements for products and processes, Plaston wanted to improve its reporting system. Plaston therefore sought a business intelligence solution that met all analysis and reporting requirements. The data base should include information from the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) T.I.G. as well as data from the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) Microsoft Dynamics.
The software comes from the MES provider Qlik and for the realization of the project, Plaston took the software developers ppmc ag on board.